X-Ray Machine

Currently in the Democratic Republic of the Congo our hospital is treating patients from all across the region around Bukavu and South Kivu province. Every month we are able to help around 100 people through providing surgeries, medicinal care, maternity care and much more. One of the current needs we currently have is to provide for the purchase of an X-Ray machine. As you can imagine performing surgeries and other medical procedures without proper X-rays to be able to diagnose the patients would be extremely difficult and to provide an X-ray machine would make a big difference.

Here is an email we received this week from the head of the hospital Dr Sosthene:

Dear Pastor,

 Greetings in Jesus Name from Bukavu.

We are joining with you all there in prayer still for our X Ray machine, which we know is very much on your hearts.OUr need for an X Ray machine seems more urgent all the time. Like for tomorrow, I will operate on one patient with a badly broken Arm and another with a complicated broken knee and immobilizing the right shoulder and Arm of a toddler whose collar bone is broken. But with no ambulance service and great personal difficulty each patient must get himself across town to the Heri Kwetu Catholic Center to get their X Ray.

May God continue to make a way for us here.

 Warm greetings from Sosthene

As you can see the need is great.

To purchase an X-Ray machine will cost $44,000AUD and we have currently raised $30,000AUD. We need your help to raise the remaining $14,000.

To donate please go to our donation page or contact us via email or phone.

DR Congo - Hospital

Our most current project in Bukavu, DR Congo through our hospital is for a new X-Ray machine. We need to raise $45,000 to help with the purchase of a new X-Ray machine and to provide training to the workers. 

The need for this machine is extremely high as they are regularly trying to diagnose and operate on patients without first X-Raying the affected areas making diagnosis and treatment extremely difficult.

Please contact us to help contribute towards this project.

Posted on December 6, 2012 .